Who Doesn’t Love a Twirl? or Will It Ever Snow Again in Austin So My Dogs Can Twirl???

Came across this YouTube video and can’t get enough! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when the greyhounds twirl. Plus the snow scene is appropriate for this very cold day in Austin, TX.

I would love to see my dogs play in the snow like that. But it never snows in Austin! Well, hardly ever. On the very rare occasions that it has, I’ve captured some shots of my dogs discovering and exploring in what little snow –and in some cases, just slush– had accumulated.

greyhound, greyhound in snow, snowflake on tip of nose

“Aw, what’s this on the end of my nose??”

Here’s Dodge with a huge snowflake on the tip of his nose. This was Valentine’s Day 2004.

Below is Dodgy not quite liking the slushy snow as he’s shaking it off. (Feb 23, 2010)

greyhound shaking snow off his head, Dodge in the snowy slush

“Snowy slush, Get it off me, get it off me!”

And a few more snow shots; pretty much the only ones I have since it rarely snows here. And when it does, it lasts about all of 8 hours! Sigh.

Here’s one of Bella! That’s from 2004. So long ago, it seems. I miss her. She got taken away from me all too soon, before her time. Although some would say it was exactly her time, but I still question that…alot. I miss them all. To all my babies on the other side: I hope you are twirling in snow right now at that Rainbow Bridge! Mama loves you. ❤

snow in austin, 2004 snowstorm, greyhounds in snow

Out of 5 dogs, only Bella & Dodge were brave enough to go out (Feb2004)


Dodge in February 2010 snow

Dodge closing his eyes in the snow, snowflakes fall in Austin

“I can’t see! The snow, it’s blinding me!”
(I love how he has his eyes closed! Lol)



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