A win in the fight against animal cruelty

If you have been following the animal cruelty case of Puppy Doe, you’ll be thrilled to know that an arrest was made today! The video here is the press conference where the chief of Quincy PD broke the news.

Quincy should be the example of how law enforcement agencies should handle animal cruelty cases. All too often they aren’t investigated or only minimally investigated, And even when there are arrests, then comes the second blow when the case goes to court and instead of slamming the abuser with maximum penalties, plea bargains get offered and the monsters get off with virtually no punishment. Quincy PD and all the detectives who worked this case so boldly have something to be proud of: May their work be the new gold standard as to how other animal cruelty cases are to be handled!

NEWS CONFERENCE: Police in Quincy, Mass. announce arrest in Puppy Doe case

Stay tuned for arraignment news tomorrow.

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