Welcome to Angels Bark!

Well, it’s about time I finally started this blog. I’ve only been thinking about it for a few years now. I’m fairly technically-challenged so that may have been the initial deterrent. But mostly, I’m just a serious procrastinator and without a deadline to push me into action, thoughts stay thoughts and projects, once started with enthusiasm and fervor, eventually languish into a black hole of unfinished and incomplete ventures. Today I decided that my blog was not to become one of those. So, here I am.

Angels Bark is a blog about dogs and life.                                                                             My vision right now is to feature a main Stories & Posts page, where I’ll post stories that I’ve written, some sad and poignant, some funny, but all true (unless otherwise noted). Plus other tidbits to be determined. A second page, Articles, will feature some of my short pieces, primarily commentary centering on things I discover along the way in my journey to becoming an Animal Chaplain (full credentials and ordination expected in 2015). But I do have a way of going off tangent so expect the unexpected.  And a third page will be, for the most part, a resources page covering Dog Health and Behavior News. Hopefully blog visitors will find something of value in the information shared.

You can find out more about me, not ironically, in the About Me section.                               As for what “Angels Bark” is?                                                                                                   Well, (a) it’s the title of the book I hope to publish one of these days,                                     and (b) it’s what I believe.                                                                                           Because through everything I’ve experienced with dogs over the years,                         there is no doubt in my mind that they are indeed Earth’s very special Angels,                 and these angels do in fact bark…


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Angels Bark!

  1. May the love of Angels Bark flow and flow and flow. Love knows no bounds. And Michele and her hounds are a channel by which God’s love flows out to me, to all people, to all creation. Her ministry to dogs is a ministry to us. Thank you, Michele, for responding to Spirit’s call, for your open heart and for your stubborn determination to open this channel of Love.


    • Mark, you’ve always been my biggest cheerleader. Your support and encouragement and belief in me is what has driven me to this point and I’m very grateful to you. Coffee soon? ❤


  2. Michelle, congratulations on your blog! So cool and you’re hilarious! You write like you talk, and that’s not easy to do, but that’s what makes a great writer! Keep up the blogging..you make my day!


    • Thanks Jill! I just hope I can keep up with blogosphere expectations! So happy that you found it! I was going to get up and post a note on FB and here there was already one posted! I forgot that I linked the two. I’m such a novice at this, but it has been a really intense two days trying to get this up and running. 🙂 Thanks for your support!


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